Main Goal                                                                   

To make sure that the property we are managing is returning the rate of return desired by the Owner. 

Professional Property Management Tasks

Property Review

All new properties are reviewed and analyzed to advice owners about:

  • Review existing lease agreements and recommend changes as appropriate.


  • Potential health and safety risks and determine corrective action.


  • Improvements to make property more appealable to prospective tenants.


  • Recommend Rent amounts based on Comprehensive Market Analysis


Our rentals are professionally marketed to their appropriate markets.  Careful and efficient marketing provides a healthy pool of prospective tenants.

Tenant Selection

All tenants are meticulously screened.  Our screening process includes, financial data, employment history, court records and tenancy history. 


Rental collections and separate trust account banking.  Staff is professionally trained in rent collection and delivering rent collections with itemized statements to owners.


Tenant Communications.  Prepare necessary forms at no additional cost to owner; notice to quit, change of terms, 3-day pay or quit


Evictions.  Complete eviction service.  We have access to efficient legal staff services available at competitive prices from start to finish.


Tenanat Retention:  Tenants are periodically evaluated to determine if they should continue being our tenants.

Financial Reporting.

Monthly.  Comprehensive, computerized monthly statements, including a complete record of all collections and disbursements


Yearly.  Provide year-end statements of all income and expense for your tax record

Market Conditions.

Property owners are provided with our Semi-annual rental surveys.  These surveys are used to maximize rental income or help in the decision of tenant retention.